Furniture Pick-Up, Charlotte, NC

When we perform furniture pick-up, we’ll take out the items you don’t need.

If your Charlotte, North Carolina home is overloaded with too much furniture, the space can start to feel crowded and overwhelming. At Shardz Junk Removal, we can take care of this problem for you by removing the extra furniture and taking it off your hands. You may have excess furniture because you combined households with another person and you each came in with a collection of furniture, or you may have collected too many items over the years. No matter what has caused you to accumulate a large collection, our team can help by providing furniture pick-up services.

Furniture Pick-Up in Charlotte, North Carolina

We have worked closely with clients throughout the Charlotte area to remove furniture for many different reasons. When we perform furniture pick-up, we’ll take out the items you don’t need. You’ll be left with an open and refreshed living space that feels inviting and appealing. Our team members know how to properly lift bulky, heavy furniture pieces. You don’t have to worry about getting injured trying to lift and move furniture yourself. We also provide an extra 30 minutes of free labor services to move any remaining furniture items around in your home to improve the efficiency and create a more appealing living space when we’re finished.

If you have questions about our furniture pick-up services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you achieve your goals to clean up your home and remove all the extra items you don’t need or want. Let our team at Shardz Junk Removal take care of the heavy lifting!

Furniture Pick-Up in Lake Norman, NC