Dishwasher Removal, Charlotte, NC

Keep your dishes and your yard clean with our dishwasher removal services.

Many of us use dishwashers every day– sometimes multiple times per day! When you need a new dishwasher or just want to upgrade yours to match other appliances, our team here at Shardz Junk Removal can assist you with your dishwasher removal in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dishwasher Removal in Charlotte, North Carolina

Dishwashers aren’t particularly heavy, even the older ones, so you might think that handing the dishwasher removal yourself wouldn’t be a big issue. However, just because a dishwasher doesn’t weigh much doesn’t mean you should do the dishwasher removal yourself! Dishwashers are large and very bulky once removed from under the counter, making it a difficult appliance to move without scratching floors or denting walls. With the help of our team at Shardz Junk Removal, you can have your dishwasher removal handled by moving and lifting professionals! This means that your floors, walls, and back will all be saved!

Once we have removed your dishwasher from your home or other property, we don’t just leave you stranded! We will remove your dishwasher from your property and transport it to a recycling facility or landfill of your choice. You won’t need to worry about an unsightly appliance sitting in your front yard, waiting for you to get the time to haul it yourself. Instead, we will complete your dishwasher removal entirely.

If you need help with dishwasher removal, we would love to help you out! Give us a call today here at Shardz Junk Removal.

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