Appliance Removal, Huntersville, NC

We want to help you with your appliance removal and recycling when you need it.

As appliances become more and more efficient, people are upgrading them more often, especially since appliances are not typically made to stand the test of time. Whether you are getting rid of an appliance because it is no longer working, you just aren’t using it anymore (looking at you, refrigerator in the garage!) or because you have decided to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model, our appliance removal services are something that everyone in Huntersville, North Carolina can use.

Appliance Removal in Huntersville, North Carolina

Appliances are particularly difficult for most people to get rid of because they aren’t easy to transport unless you have a truck, and even then, many people aren’t sure where to take them. Some dumps won’t accept appliances, leaving you out of luck. At Shardz Junk Removal, we take all the guesswork out of the appliance removal process, so all you need to do is just give us a call to get the process started.

When we come to help you with your appliance removal, you will see that we will bring a truck and dumpster large enough to hold large and small appliances, as well as the muscle to load up all your junk! We don’t expect you to take care of the loading of appliances into our dumpster– we do that for you. Additionally, we will recycle your appliances when we take them for appliance removal whenever possible.

At Shardz Junk Removal, we are here for all types of services, including appliance removal. If you have old or unused appliances, let us take care of them for you properly. Contact us today and don’t worry about that old appliance any longer!




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